Bone Slammer Aries

Bone Slammer Aries, Marche's Wheel.

This is Son of a Trident, reporting to you on the first round of the first Beywheels tournament. Todays match is going to be epic! From Team Estrella, we have Sean/ Marche (We'll just call him Marche) with Bone Slammer Aries! And from Team Dominators, we have Jake/ Jake (Jake will work fine, huh?!) with Venom Bite Serpent!

The bladers are readying their Wheelz. Here we go!

3, 2, 1, LET IT RIP!Edit

And the battle has begun! Marche's Bey, Aries, crashes into Serpent really hard. Both Beys are sent flying. It should have only sent Serpent flying and Marche is very confused. Serpent hammers into Aries and it crashes into a wall. When the dust clears, Aries is stuck in a hole in the wall, but still spinnning. Serpent comes charging and hits Aries. Hard. But Marche is surprisingly pleased.

Aries is out of the hole! It was his plan all along since he got stuck. Aries has barely any spin power left though. But then, Marche releases a surprise.

"Special move!" Marche cries. "Bone Rusher!" A bone made of Bey spirit pops out and flies at Serpent. Serpent deflects it with his special move Venom Blade though, and the two Beywheelz clash together and an explosion fills the room.

In the end, Jake wins for the Dominators and Marche's Bey is badly damaged. That's one point Dominators, zero points Estrella.
Venom Bite Serpent

Venom Bite Serpent, Jake's Wheel.